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Update #8: Social City is full of emotional and outgoing avant-gardists

byEditorial Team

published on 12/2/2016

Although endlessly diverse in demographics and urban desires, many Social Citizens consider themselves impassionate risk-takers.

How do Social Citizens define their personality? The lion’s share of the virtual population is forward-looking and outgoing. This is possibly reason why they became a resident of Social City in the first place, as a way to experiment with a new way of city making. An earlier update shows that many of them are (aspiring) creatives too.

Still, being progressive, well educated, digitally skilled and adventurous doesn’t mean that all those people have comparable identities. The current backgrounds of Social Citizens are very different, as well as their present location, household makeup, personal style, and how they feel in terms of age and gender. The same goes for their ideal situation regarding housing, work, leisure and other aspects of urban life: they are widely diverse.

Social City won't be one big playground: besides the progressive, impassioned risk-takers, there is still a good share of people who consider themselves more rational, conventional and passive.

In order to complement the already diverse input from the people who reach us online, we also started doing street talks in which we ask people in the street about their ideal city.

Social citizens are tolerant and interested too, happy to meet people from outside their own circles.

Interestingly, while almost half of the people quizzed say they are a-political, most Social Citizens earlier told us they would like to rule the city themselves. This does pose a main challenge for designers and builders of cities: they have to meet the desires of those who don’t have an interest in politics as well.

Top image: chaosmos; order in disorder. The borders between country, nationality, culture and even religion no longer exist. A Social City in which everything is acceptable. It shows the diversity, richness and uniqueness of individual desires, instead of turning into a motley mutant. Concept/visualisation by Sayme Choi.


We welcome new Social Citizens!

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We welcome new Social Citizens! Click here to read more and take the Poll.

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