UPDATE #1: social control favoured over other safety measures

byEditorial Team

published on 13/11/2015

A majority of Social Citizens likes social control over other safety measures, while CCTV and gated communities are both favoured by one in ten people. One in five say they don't need any control.

Through the poll, Social Citizens continue to sketch their desired Social City. They also talk about their urban aversions, which consist of traffic jams, pollution, high-cost education and healthcare, and unaffordable housing. Their wishes, at a larger scale, range from street parties and beach dance to happiness for everyone, and even world peace. While some of them have no clue about how to govern a city, a handful of Social Citizens prefer a ruler or governmental robots. 

Their expressions reflect visions of a community in which diverse desires co-exist, but perhaps they are also projecting worries about inequality and crisis in today’s real world onto their ideal Social City.

How do Social Citizens want to feel safe in their Social City neighbourhood? “Social control” is their favourite safety measurement, while also quite some citizens "do not need to feel safe". CCTV cameras are relatively popular too, followed by uniforms and guards, and the construction of gated communities. The majority of citizens would like to trust each other, while others want to hide behind fences, or have their fellow citizens and themselves watched by cameras.



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